Getting the right flowers doesn’t have to cost you the earth

At Peaches and Herbs we understand how important good flowers can be, but we also recognize how easily the costs of a wedding can mount up, which is why we tailor all of our wedding flower packages to best suit your day. At one of our free consultations, we will sit with you to build a completely unique wedding flower package, customizing its contents to suit your weddings requirements, from choosing the types of flowers to adding extra bouquets. We offer a wide selection of flower arrangements from bridal bouquets to centerpieces; everything you need for your special day.

However, please note that prices may vary dependent on the flowers chosen and their availability (flowers are seasonal after all). For more information on the prices of individual items, please refer to the pricing table below.

Pricing Information


Brides Bouquets
  • Medium Sized Bouquets from £65
  • Large Sized Bouquets from £85
Bridesmaids Bouquets
  • Medium Sized Bouquets from £35
  • Large Sized Bouquets from £40

Church Flowers

  • Pedestal Arrangements from £50
  • Pew Ends from £15
  • Pew End Bows from £3
  • Alter Arrangements from £40
  • Garlands (priced per foot) from £10
  • Box of Rose Petals £5

Reception Flowers

    • Top Table Arrangements from £50
    • Table Posy Arrangements from £15
    • Table Vase Arrangements from £15
      • Cake Top Arrangements from £15
      • Table Centers from £25
      • Thank You Bouquets from £25

Button Holes & Corsages

      • Groom Button Holes from £4.95
      • Rose Button Holes from £2.99
      • Usher Button Holes from £3.95
      • Wrist Corsages from £12.95
      • Headdresses from £19.95
      • Best man Button Holes from £3.95
      • Guest Carnation Button Holes from £1.95
      • Ladies Corsages from £9.99
      • Handbag Spray from £12.95
      • Hair Slide/Comb from £9.95

Wired Bunches

      • Traditional Wired Wedding Shower from £135
      • Medium Wired Posy from £95
      • Large Wired Posy from £125


      • Mirror Cube Hire  £2.50 each
      • Bird Cage Hire  £5 each
      • Small Pewter Vase Hire from £7.50 each
      • 6ft Lolly pop Bay trees  Hire  £40 for a pair
      • Pomanders on Crooks Hire  £25 for ten
      • Pedestal Stand Hire  £5
      • Mirror Plate Hire  £1
      • Lights (Various Colours)  £1.50 each
      • Pewter Vase Hire  £10 each
      • Glass Vase (various) Hire  £5 each


      • Church Dressing Service £50
      • Venue Dressing Service  £50



Booking the date will require a non refundable £50 deposit. For this we will reserve a place in our wedding schedule giving you peace of mind. A limited number of weddings may be accepted for each day. We will require further payments closer to your wedding date. We will then  start putting things in motion such as pre ordering your flowers ensuring availability and quality (some requirements need to be grown when out of season). And full payment no later than 8 weeks before your wedding date.

Please feel free to complete the contact page so we can arrange a free consultation and discuss your wedding’s requirements in detail.